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Construction and Management Services


Assess the status of the project and, together with the Client, develop the Brief and the required action plan.
Assess the Feasibility of the project, including outline budget cost and timeline.
Give an initial appraisal and advise on the requirement for other Consultants appointment and their expected scope of Services.
Prepare the Project Execution Plan, which will include the developed Brief, the organisational structures, key roles and responsibilities, the communications protocols and reporting requirement, the design coordination methods and the specific management processes and procedures to be applied.
Manage the appointment of early Consultants and ensure the delivery of any studies which may be needed to establish feasibility.
Review alternative design and construction approaches and cost implications
Engage with the relevant statutory authorities and seek early advice on all approvals that would be required.


Access the status of the development options within the existing land use approvals. If necessary, pursue zone changes or dispensations from the Local Authorities which will allow the Client’s proposed development to be approved.
Regularly monitor this progress against the Client Brief, to ensure that the key targets are being kept to.
Assemble the team for the Client, that is required to effectively pursue the Client’s development options and study the options and their potential including:
Development limits, building massing, spatial planning, gross-to-net areas, parking provision, impact on adjacent land users, and other potential environmental impacts;
Assess the options and feasibility of the proposed Development in terms of operational efficiency and through life costing.
Manage the preparation of early (outline) proposals for preliminary approval
Further refine the Project Execution plan, to include the target design, approvals and construction programme and sequence, as well as an update on the preliminary project cost estimate.


Prepare the Design Tender packages and manage the process for appointment of the Lead Design Consultant and any other specialist Consultants. This will involve identifying suitably qualified, competent consultants to be invited to submit tender proposals. The scope of services needs to be fully specified, as well as the expected design deliverables and the timescale for achieving this.
On receipt of the Consultants design proposals, analyse the bids and negotiate the best consultants offer in terms of the scope, technical delivery and their commercial offer.
Integrate the appointed designers to the Project Team, ensuring that an early action will be the joint preparation of a fully detailed and understood
Design Management Plan. Guide the newly appointed design Consultants in regard to the Clients Brief, the Project Execution Plan and the current status with Local Authorities and other interested parties.


Oversee the design phase of the project to ensure that the Clients requirements are met for: Quality, Budget, Schedule, Function, Aesthetics, Operations and Maintenance.
Manage Value Engineering exercises with the Designers to identify alternative design solutions that could achieve the development goals, while at the same time achieving cost or time savings, without sacrificing quality. Manage the Change Control Process, and seek the Clients approval to changes that meet the Client’s objectives.
Ensure that the Client technical requirements (or other third party operators technical requirements/brand standards) are integrated into the design.

Monitor and Manage the design progress with respect to project schedule, budget, approvals etc.
Provide for the Client the pre-qualification of the Contractors.
Review bidding documents prior to issue.
Develop a tight and clearly understandable Construction Contract to minimize Change Orders.


Manage the Project to ensure that the design team prepare fully detailed drawings, specifications and schedules, as well as any other information to enable Contractors to Tender.

Prepare the Works Tender packages and manage the pre-qualification of suitable contractors to be invited to tender. Issue that tender package to the agreed list of Contractors.

Arrange project site walk-throughs with the contractors as part of the pre-bid exercise and undertake mid-bid interviews with each of them, prior to receiving their initial proposals.

During the tender period, respond to all comments and questions from the bidders in regard to areas of concern, omission or ambiguity in the contract documents.

Analyse the contractor’s proposals in terms of completeness, their understanding of the project and their commercial offers (including their proposed payment schedule). Recognise if there are any clarifications and manage-out any exclusions.

Assess value-engineering opportunities solicited from bidders.
Evaluate the bids and prepare a bid comparison matrix of the Contractors bids. This will form part of the Bid Placing Report, with a recommendation to the Client of the preferred General Contractor.
Prepare the building contract and arrange signatures.


Undertake the effective Management, Control, Administration and Planning of the Works during the phases of Construction, Commissioning and Handover. This will include, but not be limited to:

Managing the Project Master Programme, including overseeing the development and progress of the Contractor’s detailed programme with all activities, durations, dependencies and critical path items

Monitor schedule progress and budget

Provide comprehensive document management control

Assist the Architect, as required in quality control of the design and construction process as it proceeds.

Manage and respond to Contractors requests for information and issue site instructions

Chair regular site progress meetings, contractor meetings and specific workshop meetings

Manage the Change Control Process.
Risk Management control

Monitor and manage the project expenditure, including assessing Contractors applications for payment and preparing the certificates of payment

Assist in Certificate of Occupancy and other governmental/ regulatory agency approvals from the Authorities

Coordinate close-out documentation for the project

Co-ordinate with the Client’s team, the exercise of Testing, Commissioning and Handing-Over the completed Works, ensuring that all activities have been completed, and that the facilities are free from defects and the engineering services are operating correctly, prior to occupation.

Settle any outstanding claims on the project.